The Muslim American Veterans Association (MAVA) was Established and Certified in 1997.

It was established to be a Service Organizations for Veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

MAVA Post #2 Ali Rashed was formed in 2005 by Talib-Din Shabazz, a Vietnam Veteran who served two tours of duty in Vietnam, first with the 101st Airborne and the second with the 82nd Airborne and Daniel B. Habeel, a Vietnam Era Veteran who served with the 1st of the 59th, Low Altitued Air Defense for the 509th Airborne, along with several other sincere Sisters and Brothers in Harvey, Illinois to service the Chicago Land Area.
MAVA Post #2 is named after Imam Ali Rashed who won two Siver Stars in the Korean War as a Captain in the United States Army.

The Muslim American Veterans Association (MAVA) is dedicated to serving all Veterans requardless to religion, race, or gender.

This Prestigious organization found its origin in the minds of Dr. Christopher Bell Jr., a retired Air Force Major, former Army Captain Talib-Din Abdul-Wakil and former Army Sergeant and Korean War  POW Mujahid Mohammed, along with serveral other sincere sisters and brothers from Masjid Muhammad, Washington D.C. , students of Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

The Muslim American Veterans Association’s unique focus on entrepreneurship  is part of the legacy of our “Do For Self” mission we have inherited from our leadership since our start as a community of Muslims in America.
The Muslim American Veterans Association (MAVA) was established to be a National Organization with MAVA branches set up in every State and Cities across the United States.
These organizations would be called Post with the founding Post in Washington D.C. being Post #1.
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